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Garden Creek
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Visiting is by request and for members.

Overhead view of corkscrew, cork, bottle of wine, and glass of wine on the top of a wine barrel.

With deep roots in Sonoma County history, winegrowing, and agricultural tradition, a visit to Garden Creek is an intimate experience that showcases our commitment to growing and crafting exceptional wines each vintage that authentically express individuality.

A visit to Garden Creek is available by appointment only and tastings include outdoors with weather in mind. The experience begins with a walk through the vineyard. We will share our organic and regenerative farming practices which will lead into our beliefs in fermentation, winemaking, and aging of our wines. You will then proceed into the winery with a tasting of our current release cellar aged Garden Creek wines.

Guests are welcome by requesting an appointment for an introduction to our wines, family winegrowing history, vineyards and appellation. Each tasting is hosted personally by the proprietors, and lifelong winemakers and winegrowers Karin and Justin Warnelius-Miller.

Our Estate is open exclusively to members of our mailing list by request only.

Appointments available Wednesday – Saturday
A one hour vineyard tour followed by a one hour tasting of select library wines.
Single groups only, up to 6 guests.
Hosted Privately
$100 per person

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