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Garden Creek
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A Winemaker’s Hands

A living journal of introspections; wine, life and moments June 30th, 2017

A Winemaker’s Hands

This journal will be sharing our undeniable devotion to our family heritage and each other – as innovative resolute winegrowers, as steadfast relentless winemakers, handcrafting wines which live and give pure enjoyment, while interweaving our full family life as farmers. The meaning of living on the land in the vineyards—finding inspiration in the everyday -- this is what we will share with you.

As the vines grow older, the trunk, cordon and spurs become more gnarly and grey with more depth, character. Wiser comes to mind… We too have evolved, aged, become more focused since our first moment realizing our desire to be together for life alongside our impetus to produce classic, balanced, articulate world-class wines handcrafted by our hands from our own land. This will be a place to share the stories, triumphs and challenges of our lives as winegrowers, winemakers and farmers, together.

A Winemaker’s Hands

More than stories I will admit. Teaching the ideals of winegrowing with love for craft which leads to fine winemaking -- as many of you have experienced is our thing. As life is, each is part of the whole. Terroir encompasses this ideology which we strongly believe in. It’s man including intuition and skill, mother nature -- weather and climate, and geology, our place, land and soils. Speaking these intimately to understand why, how and what each bring to our whole.

Garden Creek is more than a place, you know. It’s home to us. And always will be. It’s a piece of dirt, as Justin says -- we consider a legacy. As Justin’s father before us, it’s a part of us we too shall hand down to our children and grandchildren. When a place becomes this, it moves you in different ways, drives to you make different decisions and ultimately inspires you to live.

To live life deeply.

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