A hidden corner in the Alexander Valley, tucked below the illustrious Geyser Peak Mountain, Garden Creek Ranch is a family vineyard and winery patiently handcrafting wines deep, rich and diverse in varietal character.

As the old world has known for hundreds of years, grape variety is the single most important factor when considering the flavor and character of a wine. And of course the character of the soil or mineral components give this character a face. The Alexander Valley is world-renowned as one of the ideal winegrowing regions for the grand red wine varietal Cabernet Sauvignon. The climate and soils (terroir) are absolutely perfect. Perhaps not as worldly as Bordeaux itself or as famous as our Napa Valley cousin for growing Cabernet Sauvignon, Alexander Valley does have the location for growing ultra premium winegrapes. The famous Mayacamas mountain range runs straight through Alexander Valley and into the Napa Valley sharing dynamic, ancient soils. Of course, this is not to say other varietals will not grow, by no means. But to grow winegrapes of distinction well... that's an entirely different story.

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