Justin Miller

Winemaker. Winegrower. Husband. Father.

Justin was born and raised on Garden Creek Ranch. Justin has extensive knowledge in winegrowing and works by touch and intuition in the greatest sense as a farmer and winegrower. His studies include UC Davis and Sonoma State University with his focus on Viticulture, Enology and Economics. His winegrowing and winemaking beliefs are grounded in sustainable farming practices and centuries old techniques. This is where he feels most comfortable with his lifelong passion.

As an only child, he had much time to himself exploring the land he lived on. He has walked every inch of the property many times over. His winemaking beliefs begin in the vineyard, in the soils and the climate. Without location or terroir, you have nothing.

Justin was one of those boys that loved taking things apart and rebuilding it. Rebuilding it better of course. Which is probably why he now so strongly believes in a hands on approach to most everything. At 19, dad asked him to manage the ranch for a year and it turned out to be a lifetime commitment. Immediately he began making a few changes… organic and sustainable methods of farming was the only answer.

Justin and Karin met (really re-met having been childhood friends) and fell in love at first sight. It was then in the first few months together they knew this would be a lifelong commitment not only to each other but also producing great wines together because they loved this beautiful amazing place they not only fell in love on but also their home.

I would never have been producing wine without Karin. We are a team. Our passion for the soil and earth brought us together and now we can sit back and drink the evolution of our relationship in a bottle of Garden Creek. It's hard to understand if you're not a farmer. Each and every year is in the bottle."

When Justin is not getting dirty on the ranch, look up in the sky and perhaps you may get a glimpse. Justin is an avid hangglider and paraglider pilot - having been known to  land in between vine rows.
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