The year was 1963. The year dad started looking for property. Martin Luther King was speaking about his 'Dream' and President John F. Kennedy was shot to death in broad daylight. It was an era of change in the world. Dad too needed a change. James Miller, Jim as we call him, decided to purchase a beautiful ranch away from it all - away from Berkeley where had been studying at UC - away from his childhood home of southern California.

Jim, a 5th generation Californian, was 28 years-old looking for land and happened upon a 44-acre parcel with a standing farmhouse of beautiful open pastures, plentiful water and year round creeks, a majestic canyon and breathtaking views of the valley on the top knoll. Truly perfect he thought. Just as amazing as the day he set foot on the property, Garden Creek Ranch as he named it after the creek behind his house, has been his home for close to 50 years.

Always a creative mind, Jim saw this ranch as his escape. Little did he realize he would be creating much more that his award-winning photography and poetry. Jim became a farmer. He raised the walls on every building, planted each and every vine, dug the holes for each tree in the orchard and laid every stone in the rock walls. The natural, rustic beauty of Garden Creek Ranch is breathtaking and the place in which he would raise his family.

Today Alexander Valley is a premier winegrowing region. And honestly, we haven't changed it much... except maybe a few more winegrapes.
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