Garden Creek Tesserae

A proprietary Red Wine Blend.
current vintage : 2005 Garden Creek Tesserae
varietal composition: specific clones of Cabernet Sauvignon,
Merlot + Cabernet Franc

Tesserae – plural: tesserae, is an individual tile in a mosaic
Winemaker Notes of Last 3 Vintages - 2003 + 2004 + 2005

Garden Creek Tesserae definition: a blend of  our family, the land, the Gonzalez family who have been working with us for 35 years, the soils, and the micro-climate. These elements have coalesced and become One in our wine. The Garden Creek Tesserae blend. We like to call it the earth of Garden Creek.


The evolution of Garden Creek Tesserae began in the vineyards. Our estate winemaking philosophy each year is lead by our quest in selecting the finest winegrapes in the vineyards and producing the very best wines possible. Each year is different solely driven by what mother nature offers.


We choose specific vines within the various vineyard blocks each year. Clone and soil selection is the driving force. We believe in night harvesting the winegrapes whole cluster when it’s cool and the fruit is crisp of natural clean acidity. With the cool marine Pacific climate gently kissing our winegrapes, the temperature at 1am is typically 50 degrees. The natural state of the fruit is not jeopardized. Natural perfection... We gently destem the winegrapes – while hand sorting the individual grapes with the Gonzalez family on each side of the sorting table. It may take 4 hours to go through 1 ton of winegrapes.


The winegrapes are then gently placed into small stainless square tanks for  Cold soaking – macerating for 7-10 days – while extracting as much skin color and tannins from the fruit at this point. When it’s time to begin fermentation, we use the natural heat of the sun to heat up our tanks. We strongly believe in 100% Indigenous Yeast Fermentation – we do not inoculate with any yeast – it’s all natural – and the true meaning of Terroir in our minds begin with the soil. As we gradually heat up our Native ferments  -- 2 to 3 weeks is common from start to finish. We allow the winegrapes and yeast to be - guiding and working the wines when needed. Extended maceration is also a patient time extending for 30-60 days – leaving the wines on the skins to again pull as much flavor and tannins from the skins.


Barrel aging takes place in 100% French oak for close to 2 years and bottle aging for an additional 4 years. Oak and wine should be like a shadow – you know it’s there but don’t actually sense it. Each vintage is held 6 years upon release.


2005 Garden Creek Tesserae. Released Nov 2011. Release Notes.
470 cases produced.                                         Current Release

2004 Garden Creek Tesserae. Released Oct 2009. Release Notes.
460 cases produced.                                        Limited Availability.

2003 Garden Creek Tesserae. Released May 2008.
Release Notes.
464 cases produced.                                        Limited Availability.

2002 Garden Creek Tesserae. Released July 2007. Release Notes.
369 cases produced.                                        SOLD OUT.

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