Garden Creek Chardonnay

A 100% Chardonnay - Clonal Selection (choices of 14)
current vintage : 2009 Garden Creek Chardonnay
(to be released in May 2011)

clonal composition:
Mt Eden, Old Wente, Hudson, Hyde, Clone 17 + Clone 76

Unique was our goal. And of course delicious. We admire traditional Chardonnay and find its mouth feel full of with richness and natural concentration pushing balance and elegance. Full, rich flavors  but not heavy while exposing fruit flavors and standing true to tradition. Luckily in our climate we are able to harvest when the flavors are ready rather than the sugars dictating the saga. 


Garden Creek Chardonnay is a little different than most. A carbonic maceration begins in the field – the fruit is harvested whole cluster and placed gently in stainless steel tanks. A gentle pressing in the bladder press. And… Let her rip! Separate fermentation lots in French Oak, 3 yeast strains – 2 from Montrachet and 1 native fermentation batch. Partial malolactic fermentation - again a ghost in the background. A multi-layered expressive wine, lingering on the palate.

We identify ourselves with the relationship between food and wine and it was inevitable for us to produce a Chardonnay to begin our meal.


Next Vintage Release

2009 Garden Creek Chardonnay.
To be Released May 2011.
225 cases produced.
Selling by pre-release - members only.

Current Release

2008 Garden Creek Chardonnay.
Released March 2010.  Release Notes.
180 cases produced. SOLD OUT.


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